Tribbles Tribbles Everywhere…

Tribbles Tribbles Everywhere…or at least I think that was the plan.
Apologies for the lack of posting/updates. I got a part-time job that ended up being pretty much fulltime/overtime at Christmas and so ate in to all my art and crafting plans. I have currently lost my craft space too so that’s causing a few problems. Anyway I eventually have something art related to share. The 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe are holding a special event soon:

It’s called The Final Frontier and is part of the museums at Night Event.  Artist Jessica Voorsanger and the 20-21 Arts Centre are holding a Sci-Fi themed event (mostly Star Trek) and so needed a load of Tribbles making. They were asking for people to come in to the gallery and collect a pack or to join in at the activity table. I took a bag away with me  and made a bunch but it turns out that they want loads and loads and these Tribbles instead of taking over actually take up little to no room at all.


There are 18 here (in above pic) but it doesn’t look like there are that many.

Perhaps they are escaping somewhere….

In more personal art news I am currently working on some things for this years Steampunk Asylum event – like usual I need to keep these secret otherwise I can’t enter the competition so you will have a long wait to see those, sorry! I will post anything none competition related that I make though! I will be entering the Open Exhibition at 20-21 like usual too and I have also decided on some new items to make with the aim of selling them on etsy etc. I am also considering taking part in this years Insight Open Studios event and the Christmas Market at the Ropewalk as I couldn’t take part last year. This all means though that I should have new work to share very soon over these next few months!

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