Artist Statement

Artist Statement

“…encourage viewers to take on a child-like pleasure” Jeff Koons

My work takes the form of an installation using soft sculptural forms. It centers around the idea of escaping into another world and embracing the inner child.

Seeking inspiration from random shapes in the world around me I transform these everyday commonplace occurrences into something of fantasy. Through this method I can create objects that are less contrived and ‘perfect’ than they would be if designed. I allow the “creations” to evolve from the materials by themselves with as little input as I can. They communicate with me, recapturing that purity and imagination of childhood, like when you look at the shapes of clouds and envisage all sorts of creatures in the sky. Each creation has its own identity that develops by relying heavily on what feels right, trusting in fate and embracing the enjoyment of the unknown.

Exploring the need that adults have for escapism I aim to create a world of curiosity, wonder and excitement as a way to reconnect with the imagination and creativity of childhood. As a child everything is an adventure, the world is a sea of imagination and possibilities. Getting older you start to realize that not everything is quite as free.

My work is concerned with popular culture, the pressures of society and growing up. Taking inspiration from a variety of sources like kitsch, surrealism, Japan sub-cultures, fantasy, sci-fi, films and books it reflects the difficulty felt by adults to conform to societies rules on how you should act and behave once you reach a certain age. It’s a society controlled by the mass-media which dictates how you should be and what you need often leaving people void of self-expression and free-will.

The modern world is becoming increasingly, hard and scary with all to ‘real’ monsters like the ‘credit crunch’, high crime and violence and terrorism. People are left feeling trapped, pressured, unhappy and with the desire to escape which is reflected in the number of games, books and films consumed by the adult market.

My intention is to distract people from all the issues in the world and allow them to experience something different from normality by capturing the excitement and imagination that you have as a child, but that’s gradually lost as you grow older.