My art is inspired by a wide range of sources which includes Japanese ‘kawaii’ & popular culture, music, fashion and sub-genres. I love the work of Tim Burton, anything a bit dark, weird, eccentric and out there seems to appeal to me massively. My aim is to create fantasy worlds that are filled with the weird but wonderful. A place that’s quirky, fun and a bit odd, my own wonderland.

Below I have listed some that have had the largest impact on my current work:

The Japanese anime films by Hayao Miyazaki, I have included a trailer for his best known film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ which also happens to be my favourite.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ – the book, Disney cartoon version and the new Disney film version.

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

The Artworks of Yoko d’Holbachie

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