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Long Time No Post

Hello Everyone,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of updates and work on here lately. Unfortunately this year isn’t going very well so far in regards to art. I have been making things but they are all more craft based and have been for various events that I’ve been going to. I will not be taking part in the insight open studios event this year either sadly as I just don’t have the time to produce lots of new artworks for it. I will hopefully be doing the Christmas market again at the Ropewalk in Barton and will be applying to the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre open exhibition.

As I don’t have any actual new art to show you I will instead share some of my latest craft projects just so I can at least show you something as purely text based posts are a bit boring especially on an art blog. Hope you are all doing well and hopefully I will soon be able to post actual art images again as I will be kicking in to action on a few projects soon.

Stay tuned for more!



The degree show is now over and closed to the public so that means I can now start selling the items. Currently all the items are available. Prices start at £3/£4 for the smaller plush creatures and go up from there based on materials used and how complicated/time consuming it was to make. If you are interested in buying anything please send me a message or leave a comment and will get straight back to you.

Degree Show Work

At last – I eventually finished making all of my items for my degree show installation piece and handed in all my work  for 10am yesterday. It’s pretty much all over now and I can actually have a life back after spending months doing nothing but Uni work. It’s been very hard, slow and stressful but the show opens in June and I can’t wait to see what people think. Here’s a sneak preview…