Spring Time in the Snow

Hello Everyone.
So I would ask if you were all having a nice Easter break but considering that spring currently looks and feels a lot like winter I can’t imagine many of you are having the Easter you planned. There are still chocolate eggs to look forward to! It was nice and sunny here today though which made it much easier to see what I was working on and also meant I had enough light to take a half decent photo too so here he is – the new monster I’m working on.


I have also sorted a space out now to be able to work in so I can show you that too. This may look nice and tidy but it was taken just after moving in to the space and also it deliberately doesn’t show anything but the corner as the rest of the room is really not tidy! There’s still a lot to do in the space as I need to sort some shelves out and organise everything so it all has its place (and then I can actually find things I need) but it’s a start. It means I can actually get on and make things too which is the best feeling ever!


Have a good Easter, don’t eat too much chocolate and I will post soon to show you what else I have been getting on with.


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